Our passion is to make salsa our purpose is to do good.


We are a small family owned business, making salsa and making a difference. Feel Good Salsa is all about doing good. From its inception FGS set out to prove that business and philanthropy are the perfect pair


As immigrants who were given the opportunity to create the American Dream we have a strong desire to now pay it forward by creating our Dream Business. A business who is socially responsible, sustainable, & community driven. Every Feel Good Salsa customer is an integral part of this DREAM. 


To learn a bit more about Dina our founder, check out the link below.





Sustainability is one of the corner stones of our business. At every step of the way we have looked for ways to ensure that we do the least amount of harm to our Mother Earth. 


From finding green printers for our labels & business cards to finding the most eco-friendly containers for our salsas, we have taken painstaking measures to ensure we minimize our carbon footprint as we provide the freshest & tastiest salsas money can buy. 


We are also collaborating with local organizations to create partnerships that will continuously improve our sustainability measures. One of our endeavors is to work with local composting agencies to compost all our production waste.





We are proud to be committed to serving our community. For us serving our community is an honor. 


We currently volunteer with the Fulfillment Fund. We also work with Food Forward as food recovery volunteer. During the tragic LA Fires of 2017, we volunteered at THE LA KITCHEN to prepare over +1000 meals for firefighters and families displaced by the fires. 


In addition to volunteer efforts, we donate our products to Food Finders  (a multi-regional food bank and food rescue program headquartered in Lakewood, CA.) & the Long Beach Rescue Mission to name a few. We also hold fundraisers to support local organizations & are committed to making monetary donations to a variety of animal welfare, environmental, & food organizations.